Marketing For Competitiveness: Asia To The World: In The Age Of Digital Consumers

Marketing For Competitiveness: Asia To The World: In The Age Of Digital Consumers Download Marketing+For+Competitiveness%3A+Asia+To+The+World%3A+In+The+Age+Of+Digital+Consumers

Marketing for Competitiveness: Asia to The World: In the Age of Digital Consumers

Asia is the most populated geographical region, with 50% of the world's inhabitants living there. Coupled that with the impressive economic growth rates in many Asian countries, the region provides a very attractive and lucrative market for many businesses, big and small and from all industries. In addition, Asia is also a dynamic market that significantly grows with developments in technology and digitalization. For example, a research by Google and Temasek shows that Southeast Asia is the world's fastest growing internet region. The internet economy in Southeast Asia is expected to grow by 6.5 times from US$31 billion in 2015 to US$197 billion in 2025.

All these make it critical for marketers, whether domestic, regional or global, to stay in touch if not ahead, in their understanding of what is happening in Asia from a marketing perspective and what Asia has to offer to the world.

One phenomenon happening in the Asian market and which marketers should pay utmost attention to, is the rapidly unfolding digital revolution that has fundamentally transformed not just the extent but also the nature of competition. What makes it even more challenging...

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