Logo R.I.P.: A Commemoration Of Dead Logotypes

Logo R.I.P.: A Commemoration Of Dead Logotypes Download Logo+R.I.P.%3A+A+Commemoration+Of+Dead+Logotypes

Logo R.I.P.: A Commemoration of Dead Logotypes

"Logo R.I.P. works both as a critique of corporate culture and design's complicity in it and a celebration of some of the past century's most resonant graphic symbols. . . . It may be clever enough to appeal to anti-corporate activist and corporate climber alike."—EYE Magazine

"Logo R.I.P. is not just a nostalgia trip, but a serious questioning of the ephemerality of modern life."—The Sunday Times

"Behind every good logo is a hidden history of the rise and fall. . . . Logo R.I.P. is a compact, well-illustrated study."—NRC Handelsblad

Including a foreword by Gert Dumbar and featuring design classics NASA, British Steel, BOAC, and Pan Am, Logo R.I.P. is a commemoration of defunct logos that were once an integral part of the landscape, our visual culture, and our lives. Many are icons of their time or can be deemed design classics. In this updated edition, several iconic trademarks (AT&T, Kodak, Lucent, Rover, and Xerox) are added to the logo graveyard. Each entry includes a short obituary (design and cultural history) to ensure that, although these logos may be gone, they are not forgotten.


‘Packaged piously like a small black bible (…)...
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