North West - South East: Jaap Mooy – The Artist And His Collector

North West - South East: Jaap Mooy – The Artist And His Collector Download North+West+-+South+East%3A+Jaap+Mooy+%26ndash%3B+The+Artist+And+His+Collector

North West - South East: Jaap Mooy – The Artist and his Collector

The work of Jaap Mooy (1916-1987) covers more than 50 years, in a period in which he constantly explored new paths and re-invented himself in terms of styles and techniques. Although Mooy became closely involved with the Cobra movement, he had no desire to become a member of the group. He was one of the first Dutch artists to use scrap metal to create sculptures. Together with Karel Appel and Lucebert, he represented the Netherlands at the Venice Biennale in 1964. As the basis for sources of inspiration in the 1970s and ’80s, he alternated between the geometrical, the conceptual and the figurative.
However, throughout his work, his attitude remained unchanged, coloured by a dark vision of the human condition: a cynical view of power and those in power, a critical attitude towards society, an unshakable faith in the task of art: to choose the side of victims while maintaining the poetic nature of the image.

The orthopaedic shoemaker Jacques Defauwes and his wife Miny, well-known art collectors living in the south of the Netherlands, first came into contact with Jaap Mooy in the early 1980s,...

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