Wang Zhiyuan: Bigger, Better, And Cheaper

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Wang Zhiyuan: Bigger, Better, and Cheaper

Wang Zhiyuan was born in 1958 in Tianjin, China, and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing. He moved to Australia in 1989 to earn his Master of Fine Arts in Sydney and worked there for over a decade, also serving as chief adviser for the prestigious White Rabbit Collection of contemporary Chinese art. He currently lives and works in Beijing. For Wang Zhiyuan, the things we discard or reject are vital and often lovelier or even uglier than we once thought. His boldly artistic style, using enormous and colorful metaphors, often parodies the contradictions in globalized consumption, market insatiability, politicized language, and social decay. His work is part of major collections in the Asia-Pacific region.

About the Author
Rosa Maria Falvo is a writer and curator and Skira’s international commissions editor, specializing in Asia-Pacific art. Judith Neilson, investment manager, arts philanthropist, and art collector, is the founder and director of the White Rabbit Gallery, in Chippendale, Australia. Bai Jiafeng is an art critic and curator based in Beijing. Menene Gras is the director of culture and exhibitions at Casa Asia in Madrid.

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