NEW YORK CITY-BLACK BOOK MASTERS (HC) (On The Run (from Here To Fame Hardcover))

NEW YORK CITY-BLACK BOOK MASTERS (HC) (On The Run (from Here To Fame Hardcover)) Download NEW+YORK+CITY-BLACK+BOOK+MASTERS+%28HC%29+%28On+The+Run+%28from+Here+To+Fame+Hardcover%29%29

NEW YORK CITY-BLACK BOOK MASTERS (HC) (On the Run (from Here to Fame Hardcover))

Black books are not just glorified sketch books; they are the real lifeblood of a writer-a communication tool and a real source of pride. Within the pages of their black books, writers try out styles, plan out their next pieces, create colorful burners and collect signature styles from other writers. 'New York City Black Book Masters' pays homage to the black book with an intimate collection of personal drawings from some of New York's finest old school and new school writers, the likes of Riff 170, Noc 167, Case 2, Chain 3, Dondi, Erni, Daze, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Zephyr, Ghost, Freedom, T-Kid 170, Cope 2, Nic One, Ewok, Zimad and many more. It is an honor to be able to share the candid thoughts and styles that find their way into a writer's 'visual diary'-the black book. The successful ON THE RUN series of books introduces and showcases the very best in street art and graffiti talent worldwide. Each book in the series is numbered, the idea being that the reader can collect all the books and build their very own comprehensive library that...

Download NEW+YORK+CITY-BLACK+BOOK+MASTERS+%28HC%29+%28On+The+Run+%28from+Here+To+Fame+Hardcover%29%29

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