Shanghai: City Between Cultures (Book & 4-CD Set)

Shanghai: City Between Cultures (Book & 4-CD Set) Download Shanghai%3A+City+Between+Cultures+%28Book+%26+4-CD+Set%29

Shanghai: City Between Cultures (Book & 4-CD set)

Shanghai: city between cultures, from Pearl of the Orient to New China's boomtown, where age-old culture and traditions are side by side with pulsating modern life. A city between different worlds, ever changing, and in its midst, the people, speed and pauses, loud and garish, and the aloof silence of watching are all celebrated in this stunning coffee table book and CD collection. The 4 CDs include music from the Shanghai Opera and traditional sounds of Chinese music to the hits from the 1930s and 1940s, complemented by interpretations of old melodies and today's music, which connect the inheritance of Old China with Western-inspired lounge elements. A must-have photographic and musical collection for Sinophiles.

About the Author
Born in Hamburg, Germany, Marlo Scheder-Bieschin left school keen for an art education but went on to study commerce, work as a foodstuffs product manager, and marry and be the young mother of three children. Family, time abroad, and moving home shaped her life between her mid-twenties and mid-thirties. The creative urge led to a partnership in a noted design and architecture office, owning a furniture shop, and photography and freelance art....

Download Shanghai%3A+City+Between+Cultures+%28Book+%26+4-CD+Set%29

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