High Gloss Dolls: Erotic Latex Fashion

High Gloss Dolls: Erotic Latex Fashion Download High+Gloss+Dolls%3A+Erotic+Latex+Fashion

High Gloss Dolls: Erotic Latex Fashion

Ehrhardt’s latex world is at once playful, futuristic, colourful and above all, sexy. Her High Gloss Dolls

are nothing like the average girl-next-door. More like seductive beings from another planet. True goddesses of style and elegance with striking bodies and strong personalities, every one of them dressed in mind-blowing, beautiful latex outfits, they seem to lie beyond your reach.

But don’t worry! If you beg they just might invite you in their slick and shiny wonderland of precious latex couture.

High Gloss Dolls includes more than 240 brilliant and high quality printed images that will convert even the biggest prudes and sceptics into fans of this unique and outstanding material.

From sleek black catsuits to bright and vibrant latex stockings and bras - wrapped in their ultra tight second skins, these lascivious sirens will enchant you with supple grace and dazzling poise. Fraulein Ehrhardt's "High Gloss Dolls" will make every latex fashion lover’s heart sing! SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!

“This is pure eyecandy! The hottest latex dolls pose in their colorful and extra-tight outfits. Yummy!” – Tommy Walsh

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