Plate Tectonics: Continental Drift And Mountain Building

Plate Tectonics: Continental Drift And Mountain Building Download Plate+Tectonics%3A+Continental+Drift+And+Mountain+Building

Plate Tectonics: Continental Drift and Mountain Building

How are mountains formed? Why are there old and young mountains? Why do the shapes of South America and Africa fit so well together? Why is the Pacific surrounded by a ring of volcanoes and earthquake prone areas while the edges of the Atlantic are relatively peaceful?

Frisch and Meschede and Blakey answer all these questions and more through the presentation and explanation of the geo-dynamic processes upon which the theory of continental drift is based and which have lead to the concept of plate tectonics. 


From the reviews:

“The authors discuss all major aspects of the subject in chapters focusing on theory development; plate movements and geometry; continental grabens, margins, and abyssal plains; mid-ocean ridges; hot spots; subduction zones, island arcs, volcanism, and metamorphism; transform faults; terrenes; mountain building; and more. … One of the book’s strongest points is the many excellent, colorful maps and cross-sections that complement the text. References to the literature are well chosen. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional readership.” (T. L. T. Grose, Choice, Vol. 49 (2), October, 2011)


“Das neue Autorenteam hat ein beachtliches Kompendium zu den...

Download Plate+Tectonics%3A+Continental+Drift+And+Mountain+Building

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