The Official WWE Book Of Rules: (And How To Break Them)

The Official WWE Book Of Rules: (And How To Break Them) Download The+Official+WWE+Book+Of+Rules%3A+%28And+How+To+Break+Them%29

The Official WWE Book of Rules: (And How to Break Them)

Do you know the difference between a Hollywood Backlot Brawl and a Brooklyn Street Fight? Does a No-Disqualification match even have rules? Is Stone Cold Steve Austin legally permitted to drive heavy machinery to the ring? With The Official WWE Book of Rules, you'll no longer need to ask. Less a formal rule book (because very few things in WWE are formal...) and more a celebration of all things pro wrestling, this complete guide to every aspect of sports-entertainment lays out all of WWE's rules (many published for the first time) on various documents, including scribbled-on scrap paper, company memos, repurposed reciepts and even decrees from Vince McMahon himself all compiled in a makeshift-seeming folder with exposed binding. With a foreword by Daniel Bryan as well as commentary, revisions, illustrations and diagrams from WWE's boldest Superstars and authority figures, it's the ultimate companion to anyone who believes rules were made to be broken.

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Download The+Official+WWE+Book+Of+Rules%3A+%28And+How+To+Break+Them%29

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