Travels With Harley: Journeys In Search Of Personal And National Identity

Travels With Harley: Journeys In Search Of Personal And National Identity Download Travels+With+Harley%3A+Journeys+In+Search+Of+Personal+And+National+Identity

Travels with Harley: Journeys in Search of Personal and National Identity

Far more than an account of an 8,000 mile motorcycle adventure across the United States, Travels with Harley is a stirring memoir of an Army veteran's 30-year quest for peace, personal and national identity. Only through service to others, he learns, can Americans of all ages find their identity and step up to national and global citizenship, starting in their own communities, and move the country forward. As the nation struggles to find a pathway to its future, Colonel Holshek's positive and empowering message on citizenship, service, and social responsibility in and beyond America couldn't be more timely or needed. To promote national unity and help pass the baton of generational leadership, he has created the National Service Ride, a unique platform to connect youth to service learning, funded entirely through book sales. For more information, please visit

"In this multilayered memoir, body, mind, memory, machine, road, and scenery are linked and find balance... Travels with Harley is well worth the read for the journey it recounts." ―Margaret Sullivan, The Huffington Post

"Travels with Harley is both a stirring memoir and...

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