Josef Albers: Midnight And Noon

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Josef Albers: Midnight and Noon

Exploring the origins of Josef Albers' groundbreaking Homage to the Square in the exquisite palettes of day and night
Using minimal means―paint straight from the tube, applied meticulously with a palette knife―and a focused selection of colors, Josef Albers’ sustained, serial investigation into rhythm, mood and spatial movement is explored in this lavishly produced volume that looks solely at his respective grey and yellow paintings, exploring two distinct color palettes pervasive to his oeuvre.
Highlighting the rich diversity of effects Albers drew from a narrow range of colors, this publication centers around the groundbreaking “Homage to the Square (A)” (1950), the inaugural painting in the series that would occupy the artist until his death in 1976. The pairing of two palettes―black, white and grey and an array of yellows―stems in part from Albers’ 1964 series of lithographs, Midnight and Noon, which brought together these two opposing color sets in a single portfolio. Together they address the limitless possibilities the artist found in color and form in relation to light. The impossible simultaneity of “midnight” and “noon” moreover speaks to Albers’ transcending of what he called “factual facts” in favor of the play of perception and illusion possible...

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