Lola Goes To Work: A Nine-to-Five Therapy Dog

Lola Goes To Work: A Nine-to-Five Therapy Dog Download Lola+Goes+To+Work%3A+A+Nine-to-Five+Therapy+Dog

Lola Goes to Work: A Nine-to-Five Therapy Dog

Meet Lola, a little terrier with a big job. Children will identify with the feisty Lola as she struggles going to school, passing tests, and finally achieving her Big Dog dream. If Lola can make it in a world of Great Danes and Labradors, so can anybody who's feeling like a runt. Teacher guide for empathy curriculum in back of book, additional material on Creston and Author website.

From School Library Journal
K-Gr 2–Lola is a lovable Yorkshire Terrier who is certified as a therapy dog for visits to classrooms, hospitals, and centers for elderly people. Through endearing close-up photographs of the pup during training and on the job, readers learn about her daily duties, as told from her point of view. Of course, Lola's owner is anthropomorphizing her dog, but who can resist, given that Lola clearly seems to enjoy her important job. The text is written at about a first-grade level, but its simplicity does not detract from its message and appeal. The book ends with an explanation of therapy dogs and a teacher/parent page with suggestions for ways to help children express empathy for others and/or...

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