Yasmeena's Choice: A True Story Of War, Rape, Courage And Survival

Yasmeena's Choice: A True Story Of War, Rape, Courage And Survival Download Yasmeena%27s+Choice%3A+A+True+Story+Of+War%2C+Rape%2C+Courage+And+Survival

Yasmeena's Choice: A True Story of War, Rape, Courage and Survival

This is the true story of Yasmeena, a bright and beautiful young Lebanese woman who was imprisoned in Kuwait during the first Gulf War. Yasmeena's shocking journey is a tale of the madness of war, of the sexual brutality unleashed by chaos, and of one woman’s courage to stand in danger’s way to aid her fellow sufferers. This is an explicit, graphic, and honest book. It is for mature audiences only. Jean Sasson has spent her career sharing the personal stories of courageous Middle Eastern women. PRINCESS: Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia was an international bestseller. It has become a classic, taught in colleges and high schools and devoured by anyone who aspires to understand the Middle East. Yasmeena was quite literally an innocent abroad. She was a college educated, English-speaking flight attendant graced with an unusual amount of confidence and sophistication. She was also a virgin and a conservative Muslim daughter and sister. When Yasmeena's flight out of Kuwait was delayed, it was because Saddam Hussein had just invaded Kuwait. Iraqi soldiers threw her into a woman's prison where the guards committed ghastly sexual attacks and...

Download Yasmeena%27s+Choice%3A+A+True+Story+Of+War%2C+Rape%2C+Courage+And+Survival

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