Licensed To Kill: A Field Manual For Mortifying Sin

Licensed To Kill: A Field Manual For Mortifying Sin Download Licensed+To+Kill%3A+A+Field+Manual+For+Mortifying+Sin

Licensed to Kill: A Field Manual for Mortifying Sin

The Christian life is not a playground, but a battleground. One of the fiercest foes in this battle dwells within our own hearts: the enemy of indwelling sin. The Scriptures command us to “put sin to death.” This is what pastors and theologians of another generation called the “mortification” of sin. But how do we mortify sin? And what role does the gospel play in this effort to apply lethal force against sin? How can we avoid falling into legalism while still maintaining a passion for holiness? And what kinds of strategies actually work in the daily battle? Brian Hedges answers these questions and more in this biblical and practical guide for waging war against sin in the power of the gospel and dependence on the Spirit.

This little book may very well be "The Art of Spiritual War" for the modern Christian. Highly recommended.--Jared Totten,

There have not been many modern books that have kept me riveted as PM rolled into AM but this little book by Hedges definitely did the trick. --"JS",

It manages to be both practical and overflowing with...

Download Licensed+To+Kill%3A+A+Field+Manual+For+Mortifying+Sin

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