Expert Approaches To Sport Psychology

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Expert Approaches to Sport Psychology

Fifteen of the most distinguished practitioners in the field of sport psychology are featured in Expert Approaches to Sport Psychology: Applied Theories of Performance Excellence. The book includes biographical and autobiographical perspectives on the ways in which these preeminent experts developed their authentic and distinctive approaches to the practice of sport psychology. Edited by Mark W. Aoyagi and Artur Poczwardowski, this collection provides some of the giants of the field an opportunity to reflect on their distinguished careers. The contributors reveal how their life experiences have shaped their philosophies and provide an in-depth look into their theory of performance excellence, theory of performance breakdowns, and consulting process. Expert Approaches to Sport Psychology serves as a master class by those who have helped advance the field, preserving the legacies of some of the most influential minds in sport psychology. The wisdom passed on within this book will be immensely beneficial to both those practicing and studying sport psychology.

About the Author
Mark Aoyagi, PhD, is director of sport & performance psychology and an assistant professor at the University of Denver. Mark earned a PhD in counseling psychology with an emphasis in sport psychology...

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