New Orleans Noir (Akashic Noir)

New Orleans Noir (Akashic Noir) Download New+Orleans+Noir+%28Akashic+Noir%29

New Orleans Noir (Akashic Noir)

"New Orleans Noir explores the dark corners of our city in eighteen stories, set both pre- and post-Katrina...In Julie Smith, Temple found a perfect editor for the New Orleans volume, for she is one who knows and loves the city and its writers and knows how to bring out the best in both...It's harrowing reading, to be sure, but it's pure page-turning pleasure, too."

"New Orleans Noir is a vivid series of impressions of the city in moments that brought out either the best or worst in people. As part of the first wave of fiction to arrive in the wake of the storm, it's a thrilling read and a harbinger of what should be an interesting stream of works."
--Gambit Weekly

"Don't expect the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce to put its seal of approval on New Orleans Noir, because these eighteen stories describe a city where serial killers and philosophers live side by side...Yet when you've waded through these anguished pages, you can begin to understand why--as corrupt as it is, as broken as it is--so many of New Orleans's refugees still long to go home."
--Mystery Scene

"The excellent twelfth entry in Akashic's city-specific noir series illustrates...
Download New+Orleans+Noir+%28Akashic+Noir%29

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