Ronnie: Tasmanian Songman

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Ronnie: Tasmanian Songman

Raised on a remote Australian island, Ronnie Summers overcame racism, poverty, and illiteracy to become a respected Tasmanian Aboriginal elder. This poignant memoir recalls the various stages of Ronnie’s life: his outcast status as a child; his battle against alcoholism; his struggle for literacy as an adult; and his lifelong commitment to storytelling, craftsmanship, and music that kept his spirit strong in the face of adversity. Told with humor and sincerity, this chronicle is moving and enlightening, and the included CD of Cape Barren music gives further depth to this inspiring story.


"With a voice made in Heaven, Ronnie Summers is a wild island boy who overcame racism and the bottle to find power in his ancestry. Here is a story of a Tasmanian Aboriginal elder who is full of life and music and bonded to the land of his birth. Deeply committed to motivating a rising generation, Ronnie’s story provides a rich perspective for Australians who are interested in Tasmania’s past, present, and future Aboriginal cultural identity."  —Bob Brown, Australian senator

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Ronnie Summers is a descendant of...

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