The Road To Ithaca (Martin Bora)

The Road To Ithaca (Martin Bora) Download The+Road+To+Ithaca+%28Martin+Bora%29

The Road to Ithaca (Martin Bora)

The fifth in the Martin Bora WWII mystery series. In May 1941, Wehrmacht officer Bora is sent to Crete, recently occupied by the German army, and must investigate the brutal murder of a Red Cross representative befriended by SS-Chief Himmler. All the clues lead to a platoon of trigger-happy German paratroopers, but is this the truth?

Bora takes to the mountains of Crete to solve the case, navigating his way between local bandits and foreign resistance fighters. With echoes of Claus von Stauffenberg, Bora is torn between his duty as an officer and his integrity as a human being.


Praise for the series:

“TIN SKY is the best crime novel of the month. Terror and suspicion on the Eastern Front. We hail a bold series set in the Second World War. This fine novel is packed with tense moments and moral ambiguity.’ Times

“In TIN SKY Pastor effectively melds a well-constructed whodunit with a grim portrayal of the Eastern front.” PW Starred Review

“A DARK SONG OF BLOOD is historical crime fiction at its best, vividly re-creating the atmosphere of a city occupied by an increasingly desperate army. ‘ Sunday Times

“The historical milieu...
Download The+Road+To+Ithaca+%28Martin+Bora%29

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