Classical Medical Astrology - Healing With The Elements

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Classical Medical Astrology - Healing with the Elements

A treasure chest of traditional medical astrology is opened in the modern age, explaining methods for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment in a clear, practical fashion.

Clearly written, the book shows methods for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. It is a simple book to follow and it allows virtually any astrologer who can read a chart to bring healing to themselves and others. It's a lovely practical book, but one that also gives insights into traditional techniques and philosophies. It gives greater depth than may be thought at first glance...if you are interested in classical medical astrology and wish to learn how you can apply it in a practical way to everyday life, then this is the book for you. John Green, The Astrological Journal, May/June 2010.

About the Author
Oscar Hofman is a popular teacher and astrologer in the Netherlands. He trained in London with John Frawley and he holds the diplomas of Horary Craftsman and Craftsman Astrologer. Oscar also runs an astrology school and is the editor of Anima Astrologiae, a Dutch magazine dedicated to traditional astrology

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