The 21st Century World Atlas

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The 21st Century World Atlas

Truly an atlas for the millennium! All maps contained in this huge volume are the most current available, taken from the latest multimedia technology. With immediate visual appeal, this atlas takes the reader on a journey around our planet with such precision, one will immediately know that Earth is unique in our galaxy. Bright, vivid colors draw attention to the satellite photos, physical maps, and bathymetry maps. Also included are climate, geological, biogeographic, demographic, and social indicators along with economics, industry, commerce, and transport, all providing amazing insight into our world.

For the technical buffs, the reference maps and Satellite Images use a Lambert Conformal Conic...the physical world maps are a Miller projection. The general world thematic maps use a Robinson projection...with the smaller insets using a Mollweide projection. The 80 page index will serve the cartographer well in accessing the huge amount of information that this volume contains.

Once in a while a new book comes along that really makes you sit up and take notice and this really is an atlas to take us into the new millennium. Go on and treat yourself to something special this year, I...

Download The+21st+Century+World+Atlas

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