Absolute OpenBSD: Unix For The Practical Paranoid

Absolute OpenBSD: Unix For The Practical Paranoid Download Absolute+OpenBSD%3A+Unix+For+The+Practical+Paranoid

Absolute OpenBSD: Unix for the Practical Paranoid

This straightforward, practical, and complete guide to mastering the powerful and complex OpenBSD operating system, is for the experienced UNIX user who wants to add OpenBSD to his or her repertoire. The author assumes a knowledge of basic UNIX commands, design, and permissions. The book takes you through the intricacies of the platform and teaches how to manage your system, offering friendly explanations, background information, troubleshooting suggestions, and copious examples throughout.

"People have been clamoring for an OpenBSD-specific book for years. Michael has stepped up to provide one." -- Theo de Raadt, Founder, OpenBSD

I recommend AbsoluteOpenBSD to all programmers and administrators working with the OpenBSD operating system -- UnixReview.com

a broad and mostly gentle introduction into the world of the OpenBSD operating system -- Chris Palmer, San Francisco Open BSD Users Group, August 7, 2003

a well-written book that hits its market squarely on target -- Slashdot.org, August 14, 2003

About the Author
Michael W. Lucas is a network/security engineer with extensive experience working with high-availability systems. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Absolute BSD, Absolute OpenBSD, Cisco Routers...

Download Absolute+OpenBSD%3A+Unix+For+The+Practical+Paranoid

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