Out Of Season: The Vanishing Architecture Of The Wildwoods

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Out of Season: The Vanishing Architecture of the Wildwoods

Wildwood, New Jersey: thanks to a combination of economics, geography, and chance, this Jersey Shore vacation spot has, for more than four decades, been home to a wealth of immaculately preserved midcentury motels. These jewels of neon and bright colors remained frozen in time until recently; now, a substantial number have been demolished and many that remain face an uncertain future.  Determined to preserve them, photographer Mark Havens has captured their unique style over 10 years, sometimes shooting motel facades while workers were demolishing the backs. With essays by Joseph Giovannini and Jamer Hunt and evocative photographs, Out of Season celebrates the architecture of a bygone era of Jersey Shore summers.


"Photographer Mark Havens spent 10 years documenting the motels of Wildwood in coastal New Jersey - a land of beautiful modernist kitsch, full of pink stilts, zig-zag verandas and ubiquitous palm trees."
(The Guardian)

"Captured over ten years, Philadelphia-based artist Mark Havens gives the motels of the New Jersey city of Wildwood a different moment in the spotlight, away from the off-highway, cheap and tacky film references that popular culture associate them with. Essentially a...
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