The Spa Book: The Official Guide To Spa Therapy (Hairdressing And Beauty Industry Authority (Paperback))

The Spa Book: The Official Guide To Spa Therapy (Hairdressing And Beauty Industry Authority (Paperback)) Download The+Spa+Book%3A+The+Official+Guide+To+Spa+Therapy+%28Hairdressing+And+Beauty+Industry+Authority+%28Paperback%29%29

The Spa Book: The Official Guide to Spa Therapy (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority (Paperback))

The Spa business has been growing rapidly over the last few years. It is one of the biggest global growth industries. The Spa Book offers a comprehensive, exciting and unique look at the spa industry, bringing together all the elements of spas in one educational text. It addresses treatments and issues, which will assist those undertaking relevant courses in Spa Therapy and the Spa Industry. This reference and teaching aid is intended for students taking a course in Spa Therapy. Particular courses that Spa Therapy is suited to are NVQ level 3 Beauty Therapy module in Spa Treatments, Higher National Diploma/Batchelor of Science degree in International Spa Management and a range of private courses. It is also of use to therapists working within spas who may use this book as a reference tool. Managers and developers will also find this textbook valuable.

Foreword Introduction Spa time line 1. History of spas 2. The Physical properties of water 3. The uses of water in spa therapy 4. Therapies in spas 5. Spa health & safety 6. The mind body connection 7. The...

Download The+Spa+Book%3A+The+Official+Guide+To+Spa+Therapy+%28Hairdressing+And+Beauty+Industry+Authority+%28Paperback%29%29

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