Falconry: The Essential Guide

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Falconry: The Essential Guide

Aimed at both those who are on the point of taking up falconry as well as those who already have hawks, this guide examines all aspects of the sport and is packed with practical advice and information. The author's enthusiasm for his subject is infectious and the text is written in a clear, accessible style. His realistic approach to falconry is demonstrated by his assertion that we should "not let people over-complicate the theory" and that we should "stick to common sense and consistency."

About the Author

Steve Wright is an experienced falconer who has been flying and hunting with birds of prey for more than 25 years, and has trained hundreds of people in the falconry. A former owner of his own falconry center, he now puts on public falconry displays and organizes hawking-experience breaks and corporate falconry events.

Download Falconry%3A+The+Essential+Guide

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