The Pig And The Skyscraper: Chicago: A History Of Our Future

The Pig And The Skyscraper: Chicago: A History Of Our Future Download The+Pig+And+The+Skyscraper%3A+Chicago%3A+A+History+Of+Our+Future

The Pig and the Skyscraper: Chicago: A History of Our Future

Like a cross between Philip Marlowe and Walter Benjamin, Marco d’Eramo stalks the streets of Chicago, leaving no myth unturned. Maintaining a European’s detached gaze, he slowly comes to recognize the familiar stink of modernity that blows across the Windy City, the origins of whose greatness (the slaughterhouses, the railroads, the lumber and cereal-crop trades) are by now ancient history, and where what rears its head today is already scheduled for tomorrow’s chopping block.

Chicago has been the stage for some of modernity’s key episodes: the birth of the skyscraper, the rise of urban sociology, the world’s first atomic reactor, the hard-nosed monetarism of the Chicago School. Here in this postmodern Babel, where the contradictions of American society are writ large, d’Eramo bears witness to the revolutionary, subversive power of capitalism at its purest.

From Publishers Weekly
In The Pig and the Skyscraper Chicago: A History of Our Future, Italian author and journalist Marco d'Eramo turns his gimlet eye on the Windy City's 170-year social geography. The first of d'Eramo's books to be translated into English (by Graeme Thomson), this gritty cultural criticism falls in line with...

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