Silenced Rivers: The Ecology And Politics Of Large Dams

Silenced Rivers: The Ecology And Politics Of Large Dams Download Silenced+Rivers%3A+The+Ecology+And+Politics+Of+Large+Dams

Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams

Entirely updated in light of the recent World Commission on Dams Report, and responding to it, this new edition of Patrick McCully's now classic study shows why large dams have become such a controversial technology in both industrialized and developing countries. He explores the wide-ranging ecological impacts of large dams, the human consequences, the organization of the dam-building industry, and the role played by international banks and aid agencies in promoting it. He also looks as the extensive technical, safety, and economic problems associated with large dams. New in this edition, the author tells the story of the rapid growth of the international anti-dam movement, and suggests alternative methods of supplying the services supposedly provided by large dams.


“A superlative account of the plethora of problems with dams.” —Tom Athanasiou, author of Dived Planet

“The best-researched, best-written account ever of what we have done to our rivers.” —Catherine Caufield, author of In the Rainforest

“This book contains a powerful plea for the world to adopt a sane and restrained river policy for the next century.” —Stewart L. Udall, US Secretary of the Interior, 1960-68

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