Trance Dance: The Dance Of Life (Earth Quest)

Trance Dance: The Dance Of Life (Earth Quest) Download Trance+Dance%3A+The+Dance+Of+Life+%28Earth+Quest%29

Trance Dance: The Dance of Life (Earth Quest)

Close your eyes. Begin the 'Breath of Fire'. Relax and let your body move to the rhythm of the drums. Let go. The dancer disappears and you become the dance ... and your soul travels, absent of the limitation of time and space… Here is your opportunity to experience trance dancing as shamans and indigenous peoples have done for thousands of years. This ancient transformative and healing technique is becoming ever more popular today with spiritual seekers and contemporary dance groups the world over. This comprehensive and authoritative guide gives clear step-by-step techniques. Now you can enter the world of the spirit, voyaging beyond time and space, experiencing the ecstasy of spiritual wholeness. -> trance dancing's shamanic roots and origins -> breathing, movements and rhythms -> making a mask, dancing your animal -> dancing for health and healing -> achieving ecstasy and wholeness Frank Natale is Founder and President of the Natale Institute for Experiential Education, which runs seminars worldwide on trance dancing and drumming, as well as courses in communication, self-esteem and sexuality.

Download Trance+Dance%3A+The+Dance+Of+Life+%28Earth+Quest%29

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