LMMS: A Complete Guide To Dance Music Production

LMMS: A Complete Guide To Dance Music Production Download LMMS%3A+A+Complete+Guide+To+Dance+Music+Production

LMMS: A Complete Guide to Dance Music Production

The beginner's guide to exploring, understanding, and rocking the world of dance music using the free LMMS digital audio workstation.

  • Create the dance music you wanted. An experienced guide shows you the ropes.
  • Learn from the best in dance music; its history, its people, and its genres.
  • Learn the art of making music: from the way you set up your equipment, to polishing up your final mix.

In Detail

You've scoured the forums, watched the tutorial videos, and done everything you can to learn the secrets of the art of making dance music. Everyone is saying something different about how to get into producing your own projects. This book will help connect the dots and lay a solid foundation of knowledge so you can get beats banging out of LMMS.

This book will show you the ins and outs of making Dance music with LMMS. Do you make house, trance, techno or down-tempo? After this book you'll be able to make a song that stands out from the masses, using time honoured tricks of the trade. From inception to conception, this book will help give you a workflow to...

Download LMMS%3A+A+Complete+Guide+To+Dance+Music+Production

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