Typical Girls?: The Story Of The Slits

Typical Girls?: The Story Of The Slits Download Typical+Girls%3F%3A+The+Story+Of+The+Slits

Typical Girls?: The Story of the Slits

Wild, defiant and startlingly inventive, The Slits were ahead of their time. Although they created some unique hybrids - dub reggae and pop-punk, African rhythms, funk and free jazz - they were dismissed as being unable to play. This work shows how The Slits phenomenon came about.

...an interresting and insightful book. - Rock Sound

About the Author
Zoe Street Howe is a freelance writer and broadcaster contributing to publications including NME, Channel 4 music, Contemporary Magazine and BBC Music. She has previously assisted with press matters for artists such as The Blockheads, The Tiger Lillies and X Ray Spex. She also presents and co-produces the alternative music radio show Paranoimia, which broadcasts across Europe. Zoe lives in London, with her husband, jazz drummer Dylan Howe.

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