Vibrant Flowers In Watercolour (Ready To Paint)

Vibrant Flowers In Watercolour (Ready To Paint) Download Vibrant+Flowers+In+Watercolour+%28Ready+To+Paint%29

Vibrant Flowers in Watercolour (Ready to Paint)

Fiona Peart's innovative use of vibrant colour washes makes this a flower painting book with a difference. The five projects use a variety of techniques, and Fiona suggests ways of mixing and matching so that the tracings can be reused to create quite different paintings.


"Each one of the five demonstrations uses a different watercolour technique and is an excellent way to learn and build confidence." —, (March 2011)

About the Author

Fiona Peart is a professional artist who specializes in watercolor and drawing techniques. She is the author of "How to Paint: Watercolour Washes."

Download Vibrant+Flowers+In+Watercolour+%28Ready+To+Paint%29

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