Celtic Alphabets: With Borders And Motifs

Celtic Alphabets: With Borders And Motifs Download Celtic+Alphabets%3A+With+Borders+And+Motifs

Celtic Alphabets: With Borders and Motifs

Inspired by Celtic lettering and illumination, this practical book contains eleven alphabets along with a diverse selection of beautiful borders and motifs.

Jun 10 The eleven different alphabets presented in Celtic Alphabets range from strong and simple designs through to more complicated and intricate Celtic letters. Each alphabet is offered as a colored and black and white version. The colored version shows how the alphabet could look when it is colored, however the black and white version is likely to be the most flexible option. The black and white alphabets are presented with several letters on a page. Users can scan or photocopy these and resize the images. Ideas for projects and different techniques are dotted throughout the book. These give an inspirational insight into how the alphabets can be used. In addition the suggestions given in the book, the images can be used as templates for stamp carving, used as stencils, cut out from paper and used as embellishments for rubber stamping projects or transfered directly to a page by tracing to form part of a design. The Celtic letters have strong ornate outlines which work particularly well in...

Download Celtic+Alphabets%3A+With+Borders+And+Motifs

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