Beneath The Underdog

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Beneath The Underdog

Introduction by Richard Williams. Mingus by Mingus. From the shabby roadhouses to fabulous estates, from the psychiatric ward of Bellevue to worlds of mysticism and solitude, these are the celebrated, demonic, anguished and, above all, profoundly moving memoirs of the great jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus. First published in 1971, Beneath the Underdog is a masterpiece of memoir, a riveting insight into one of the giants of twentieth century music

Born consumed with rage...Mingus translated these feelings into some of the most awesome music ever made. This harrowingly honest autobiography is equally moving. * Bizarre * Rich on anecdote and emotional self-analysis. He was maddening - but read this and it'll make you mad at what he went through. * Uncut * The jazz world has seen its share of compelling autobiographies but none to rival the quality of Beneath the Underdog. A shocking and brilliant book. * Q * There has never been an autobiography like Beneath the Underdog. A riveting work of highly subjective reminiscences and tortured self-analysis -- Richard Williams This remarkable book, part autobiography, part street-smart philosophical meditation, part fiction, and part fantasy, provides a unique insight into...

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