Python Machine Learning Blueprints: Intuitive Data Projects You Can Relate To

Python Machine Learning Blueprints: Intuitive Data Projects You Can Relate To Download Python+Machine+Learning+Blueprints%3A+Intuitive+Data+Projects+You+Can+Relate+To

Python Machine Learning Blueprints: Intuitive data projects you can relate to

Key Features

  • Put machine learning principles into practice to solve real-world problems
  • Get to grips with Python's impressive range of Machine Learning libraries and frameworks
  • From retrieving data from APIs to cleaning and visualization, become more confident at tackling every stage of the data pipeline

Book Description

Machine Learning is transforming the way we understand and interact with the world around us. But how much do you really understand it? How confident are you interacting with the tools and models that drive it?

Python Machine Learning Blueprints puts your skills and knowledge to the test, guiding you through the development of some awesome machine learning applications and algorithms with real-world examples that demonstrate how to put concepts into practice.

You’ll learn how to use cluster techniques to discover bargain air fares, and apply linear regression to find yourself a cheap apartment – and much more. Everything you learn is backed by a real-world example, whether its data manipulation or statistical modelling.

That way you’re never left floundering in theory – you’ll be simply collecting and analyzing data in a way that makes a real impact.

What you will learn

  • Explore and use Python's impressive machine learning ecosystem
  • Successfully evaluate and...
Download Python+Machine+Learning+Blueprints%3A+Intuitive+Data+Projects+You+Can+Relate+To

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