The Flying Classroom (Pushkin Children's Collection)

The Flying Classroom (Pushkin Children's Collection) Download The+Flying+Classroom+%28Pushkin+Children%27s+Collection%29

The Flying Classroom (Pushkin Children's Collection)

Martin's school is no ordinary school. There are snowball fights, kidnappings, cakes, a parachute jump, a mysterious man called 'No-Smoking' who lives in a railway carriage and a play about a flying classroom.

As the Christmas holidays draw near, Martin and his friends - nervous Uli, cynical Sebastian, Johnny, who was rescued by a sea captain, and Matthias, who is always hungry (particularly after a meal) - are preparing for the end of term festivities. But there are surprises, sadness and trouble on the way - and a secret that changes everything.  

The Flying Classroom is a magical, thrilling and bittersweet story about friendship, fun and being brave when you are at your most scared. (It also features a calf called Eduard, but you will have to read it to find out why).

From School Library Journal
Gr 4–6—First published in 1935, this new translation introduces readers to the entertaining exploits of five boys in a German boarding school. A consistent tone of gentle, ironic humor pervades the book, starting with the prologue in which the author himself shares his unusual writing process. The story involves a school play, a battle between...

Download The+Flying+Classroom+%28Pushkin+Children%27s+Collection%29

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