Hans Holbein: Revised And Expanded Second Edition

Hans Holbein: Revised And Expanded Second Edition Download Hans+Holbein%3A+Revised+And+Expanded+Second+Edition

Hans Holbein: Revised and Expanded Second Edition

 Hans Holbein the Younger was the leading artist of the Northern Renaissance, yet his life and work are not nearly as well-documented as those of his contemporaries Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo. That omission has been remedied with this acclaimed study by Oskar Bätschmann and Pascal Griener. Hans Holbein chronicles the life and oeuvre of Holbein (1497/8–1543), as Bätschmann and Griener apply their considerable knowledge to explore the full range of cultural and social influences that affected him and his work. The artist’s friendships with leading thinkers such as Erasmus and Thomas More, the development of his painting style, and the cultural influences on his work are all discussed here in this unparalleled and in-depth biography that will be essential to the bookshelf of every art lover. This second edition includes an expanded introduction and additional images.


“This readable scholarly book not only situates Holbein carefully in his own time but teaches us how to read his paintings and prints in depth.”
(Kenneth Baker San Francisco Chronicle)

“The authors reveal a real sympathy for and an understanding of the mixed character of Holbein’s work. . . ....
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