Where'd It Go? Hidden Pictures To Find Activities For Adults

Where'd It Go? Hidden Pictures To Find Activities For Adults Download Where%27d+It+Go%3F+Hidden+Pictures+To+Find+Activities+For+Adults

Where'd It Go? Hidden Pictures to Find Activities for Adults

Just because you are now grown-up doesn’t mean you should stop having fun. This activity book will help you get in touch with your inner child while boosting your creative and analytic functions. You have been doing the same routine for some time so it’s nice to take a break and brush up on the other skills you might have forgotten. Use this activity book today!

About the Author
Smarter Activity Books are designed to help adults de-stress. Our books deliver therapeutic benefits through coloring, mazes and puzzles that help you to become calmer and promote a fun loving exercise. Smarter Activity Books activate your left brain using fun puzzles and logic games combined with coloring activities that promote creativity exercising your the right brain, giving your cerebral hemisphere a well needed workout while indulging in a relaxing and fun activity. Let our activity books take you back to your childhood days of fun, relaxation and brain stimulation. Pick up a copy today!

Download Where%27d+It+Go%3F+Hidden+Pictures+To+Find+Activities+For+Adults

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