Sixgun Cartridges & Loads

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Sixgun Cartridges & Loads

In this classic guide to sixgun cartridges, legendary shooter and gun-writer Elmer Keith covers the selection, use, and loading of the most suitable and popular revolver cartridges. Widely known for his hunting exploits and his role in developing the .357, .41, and .44 Magnums, Keith’s tough-minded, pragmatic writing has guided generations of hunters, shooters, ranchers, and gunmen of all kinds. Sixgun Cartridges & Loads is no different. With no detail spared, this book is full of time-honored, field-tested advice on topics like:

Bullet selection
Bullet casting
Bullet sizing
Revolver powders
Primers and priming
And much more...

Keith even includes a chapter on designing custom loads suited to a variety of specific situations. Honest and to-the-point, Keith tells it like it is—what works, what doesn’t, and why—with no fluff and no nonsense. The best damn book on sixgun cartridges around, Sixgun Cartridges & Loads is a fine read for anyone who loves revolvers.

Download Sixgun+Cartridges+%26+Loads

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