Controlled Painting

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Controlled Painting

Learn to paint like the masters with Frank Covino

After years of intense study, calculation, and practice, Frank Covino has perfected the painting techniques used by 17th Century masters like Leonardo da Vinci to imbue their work with a sense of realism and life unmatched by other painters. Using a system based on a controlled palette of mixed values, Covino presents clear and detailed techniques for applying centuries-old methods for intentional, satisfying results.

With detailed text, photos, and illustrations, Covino explains the importance of accurate drawing, ideal composition, controlling values and color, mixing the controlled palette, and using a camera to enhance your work. With special attention paid to the Florentine system of verdaccio underpainting, Covino will help elevate the realism of your work to new heights.

A firm believer in the importance of discipline and perseverance, Covino emphasizes the necessity of mastering the mechanics and fundamentals of painting. By doing so, he explains, you build a framework upon which the full extent of your artistic spirit can be realized.

Frank Covino has made his mark in a wide variety of fields. As an artist and art instructor he has developed a respected reputation as a...

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