The Art Of Finding Yourself: Live Bravely And Awaken To Your True Nature

The Art Of Finding Yourself: Live Bravely And Awaken To Your True Nature Download The+Art+Of+Finding+Yourself%3A+Live+Bravely+And+Awaken+To+Your+True+Nature

The Art of Finding Yourself: Live Bravely and Awaken to Your True Nature

What happens when everything you thought you knew about yourself is untrue? In The Art of Finding Yourself, author Fiona Robertson—senior facilitator and trainer of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries method of self-inquiry and exploration—reflects on her own experience of discovering and living with this life-changing process. The Living Inquiries invite you on an inner journey to examine and dispel the stories that make you feel separate, inadequate, or otherwise “wrong.” With this book, you’ll begin to learn how to deal with “the stuff of life” both before and after that false sense of self and separation has slipped away.

Our identities are built on the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences, other people, and the world, and on the beliefs that we’re truly separate beings and that there’s something wrong with us—the roots of all suffering. But when you have the courage to really inquire, you discover that your story is not the whole truth, your self-image is not real, and even your woundedness is not what you thought it was. All that’s left is truth: you are not the person you’ve taken yourself to be, and...

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