Noah's Ark: The Brick Bible For Kids

Noah's Ark: The Brick Bible For Kids Download Noah%27s+Ark%3A+The+Brick+Bible+For+Kids

Noah's Ark: The Brick Bible for Kids

It's the most loved Bible story for children illustrated with the most loved children's toy
Meticulously detailed characters and scenery constructed entirely out of LEGO bring to life the rich drama of the timeless story of Noah, the animals, and the ark.  Illustrated with a sense of whimsy and humor, and retold in language suited for young children, yet faithful to the Bible's telling of the story, this is a book that will captivate kids and please parents as well.
28 full-color photographs

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"Any young Lego lover will be drawn to the book...Smith is a skilled and creative artist." - Christian Children's Book Review

About the Author
Brendan Powell Smith is an artist known for his divine use of LEGO bricks. In this medium, he has produced nearly 5,000 illustrations, retelling more than 400 stories from the bible. His website,, has received accolades worldwide. Smith is the author of four other books: The Brick Bible: A New Spin on the Old Testament, The Brick Testament: Stories from the Book of GenesisThe Brick Testament: ...

Download Noah%27s+Ark%3A+The+Brick+Bible+For+Kids

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