Doing Survey Research, 3rd Edition

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Doing Survey Research, 3rd Edition

The significantly updated third edition of this short, practical book prepares students to write a questionnaire, generate a sample, conduct their own survey research, analyze data, and write up the results, while learning to read and interpret excerpts from published research. It combines statistics and survey research methods in a single book.

Features of the Third Edition:

  • Updates data and examples from contemporary academic and popular articles, including ones focused on topics related to social mediawebsites, and blogs, relevant to today's web-oriented students.
  • Strengthens connections between questionnaire designonline surveys, and statistical analysis.
  • Includes new methods for web-based surveys--and discussion of issues the surveys raise.
  • Expands research examples to reflect a greater diversity of subject fields and topics, such as sociology,education, political science, health, social work, psychology, and communications.
  • Adds new "Test Yourself" exercises to each chapter with answers in the appendix and on the book's website.
  • Accompanied by an author-written Instructor's Manual with test questions.
  • Provides additional guidance, research ideas, references, and examples for each chapter of the book on the new Doing Survey Research website.

This short, practical book prepares researchers to conduct their own survey research and write up the results, as well as read...

Download Doing+Survey+Research%2C+3rd+Edition

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