Arabic 2 (Arabic Language Studies)

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Arabic 2 (Arabic Language Studies)

This practical book series is an excellent tool for teachers and students of Arabic in the United States. The workbooks and supporting teachers’ guide are geared toward educating not only at the collegiate level but at the high school level, as well. The pedagogy in these books conforms to the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages, meaning students are given a firm foundation and clear benchmarks in their language-learning journey.

Arabic 2 is broken into four major units—including units on travel, sports, and careers, as well as an autobiographical unit that focuses on the individual student—to familiarize the beginner with language related to everyday life. Students participate in exercises targeting listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and receive access to a complimentary online component to aid in their language practice. Exercises place a large emphasis on Arabic culture, backed by the notion that cultural knowledge is essential to language learning.

About the Author

Wafa Hassan is director of the Arabic Language Department at Global Educational Excellence, director of the Michigan Arabic Teachers’ Council, and former Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Culture.
Nicholas Fawaz is an Arabic language instructor in Oakland...
Download Arabic+2+%28Arabic+Language+Studies%29

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