Constitutional Law (University Casebook Series)

Constitutional Law (University Casebook Series) Download Constitutional+Law+%28University+Casebook+Series%29

Constitutional Law (University Casebook Series)

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The Eighteenth Edition provides comprehensive coverage of all areas of constitutional law, including judicial review, separation of powers, federalism, due process, equal protection, free speech, and religious liberty. It emphasizes the current state of constitutional law and aims to enable students who use it to practice constitutional law as lawyers. It also seeks to illuminate the historical, theoretical, and philosophical background that bears on constitutional law and informs its practice. The 18th edition thoroughly revises, updates and streamlines this classic casebook, emphasizing contemporary problems in areas from the health care decision to the war on terror. Highlights of the 18th edition include updates on the commerce clause, taxing, and spending in the light of the Obamacare decision and the changing profile of free speech regulation in the age of the material support of terrorism statute.

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