The Story Of Dan Bright: Crime, Corruption, And Injustice In The Crescent City

The Story Of Dan Bright: Crime, Corruption, And Injustice In The Crescent City Download The+Story+Of+Dan+Bright%3A+Crime%2C+Corruption%2C+And+Injustice+In+The+Crescent+City

The Story of Dan Bright: Crime, Corruption, and Injustice in the Crescent City

Everybody knows New Orleans, but nobody knows this New Orleans. At sixteen years old, Dan Bright was the head of a New Orleans drug empire. As his operation grew, it was only a matter of time before he attracted the attention of the criminal justice system, which would stop at nothing―including framing Dan for murder―to get him off the streets. Dan's capital murder trial lasted only one day. The District Attorney's office used false testimony and fabricated evidence to lead the jury to their ultimate conclusion: Daniel Bright was guilty and deserved the death penalty.
This incredible true story unflinchingly shows the injustice of the legal system, as well as the base corruption on display at Angola prison, where Dan spent ten years fighting his wrongful conviction and struggling for a right supposedly guaranteed to all Americans: a fair trial.

Gritty and raw, Bright's narrative is as fascinating as it is disturbing for what it reveals about the dark, racist underside of the American justice system. -- Kirkus Reviews "Kirkus Reviews"

The Story of Dan Bright is a story of exoneration hard-won...

Download The+Story+Of+Dan+Bright%3A+Crime%2C+Corruption%2C+And+Injustice+In+The+Crescent+City

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