Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach (Aiaa Education Series)

Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach (Aiaa Education Series) Download Aircraft+Design%3A+A+Conceptual+Approach+%28Aiaa+Education+Series%29

Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach (Aiaa Education Series)

This best-selling textbook presents the entire process of aircraft conceptual design - from requirements definition to initial sizing, configuration layout, analysis, sizing, optimization, and trade studies. Using a real-world approach to the process of design, this title features more than 900 pages of design methods, illustrations, tips, explanations, and equations. It includes overviews of lofting, subsystems, maintainability, producibility, vulnerability, and stealth; concepts and calculation methods for aerodynamics, stability and control, propulsion, structures, weights, performance, and cost; coverage of conventional and unconventional design methods, including UAV, canard, tandem wing, C-wing, oblique wing, asymmetrical, multi-fuselage, wing-in-ground-effect, and more.

About the Author
AIAA Fellow Daniel Raymer is a world-renowned expert in aerospace vehicle design. President of Conceptual Research Corporation, he received the 2010 AIAA Aircraft Design Award, the AIAA Summerfield Book Award, the Rockwell Engineer of the Year Award, and the Purdue University Outstanding Aerospace Engineer Award. He received B.S. and M.S. engineering degrees in Astronautics and Aeronautics from Purdue, an MBA from the University of Southern California, and a Doctorate of Engineering (Ph.D.) from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology.

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