Snowboard Duel (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)

Snowboard Duel (Jake Maddox Sports Stories) Download Snowboard+Duel+%28Jake+Maddox+Sports+Stories%29

Snowboard Duel (Jake Maddox Sports Stories)

Hannah and Brian have the run of Snowstream, a cool winter resort. But a new kid, Zach, starts a boys-only snowboard cross team. What will Brian do when he’s forced to choose between Hannah and snowboarding?

Mix one part sports, one part conflict, and one part tween insecurity with solid writing, and the result is four stories that are perfect for middle school reluctant readers. In Motocross Double-Cross, best friends Carlos and Ricky must put friendship asi --VOYA

About the Author
When Sean Tiffany was growing up, he lived on a small island off the coast of Maine. Every day, from sixth grade until he graduated from high school, he had to take a boat to get to school. When Sean isn't working on his art, he works on a multimedia project called "OilCan Drive," which combines music and art. He has a pet cactus named Jim.

Download Snowboard+Duel+%28Jake+Maddox+Sports+Stories%29

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