Rigor Made Easy: Getting Started

Rigor Made Easy: Getting Started Download Rigor+Made+Easy%3A+Getting+Started

Rigor Made Easy: Getting Started

Bestselling author and noted rigor expert Barbara Blackburn shares the secrets to getting started, maintaining momentum, and reaching your goals. Learn what rigor looks like in the classroom, understand what it means for your students, and get the keys to successful implementation. Learn how to use rigor to raise expectations, provide appropriate support, and meet the Common Core State Standards - whether or not rigor is mandated in your district! This book is filled with practical, use-the-next-day strategies for all grade levels and subject areas. Use the ideas to raise the level of learning for all of your students!

Also Available! Correlation Table linking topics in Rigor Made Easy to the Common Core!

Rigor Made Easy is full of specific ideas that teachers can implement in their classrooms to increase rigor. The  multitude of practical ideas within will capture the interest of teachers. --Eric Williams, Superintendent, York County School Division

Rigor Made Easy clarifies what rigor is and is not, and provides extensive strategies and examples to help teachers use rigor in the classroom. These examples and scenarios not only respond to teacher needs and concerns,  but can also provide...

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