Grammar Sucks: What To Do To Make Your Writing Much More Better

Grammar Sucks: What To Do To Make Your Writing Much More Better Download Grammar+Sucks%3A+What+To+Do+To+Make+Your+Writing+Much+More+Better

Grammar Sucks: What to Do to Make Your Writing Much More Better

Do you suffer from grammar-phobia because...

You're so used to IMing, you've forgotten how to write a normal sentence. :-)

You've started thinking in rap lyrics.

The last time you gave a report, your handouts got you laughed out of the room.

With Grammar Sucks, you can put your phobia to rest. Why else should you keep your grammar skills sharp? Why, knowledge of grammar can help you:

  • Go after that big promotion with flair
  • Win at board games
  • Write a love letter that'll actually help you get the girl (or guy)
  • Give an eloquent toast at the next Friars' Club roast

Following in the tradition of Joanne Kimes's signature "let's just close our eyes and get through this together" humor, along with Gary Robert Muschla's gentle grammar technique, Grammar Sucks is for everyone who hates the rules but wants to follow them anyway. It's the next best thing to learning them by osmosis!

About the Author
Joanne Kimes is the coauthor of the bestsellers Pregnancy Sucks and Pregnancy Sucks for Men. She has written for a...

Download Grammar+Sucks%3A+What+To+Do+To+Make+Your+Writing+Much+More+Better

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