Baby Of Bataan

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Baby of Bataan

A sweet musty tropical smell hung over the city of Manila in the spring of 1941. It was a city of warm monsoon winds, cold San Miguel beer, cabarets, and slender girls with hinting eyes. It was a plum duty station for professional soldiers and sailors, and many made a career there.

In early 1941, Joseph Quitman Johnson enlisted in the U.S.Army. This memoir relates how he was thrown in with these older professional soldiers during the pre-war days of duty in Manila. It tells of his courage and bravery in the defense of Bataan, how he escaped the Death March to fight on the beaches of Corregidor, and finally his imprisonment in Japanese prisoner of war camps. It tells of forced labor, cruelty, disease, of surviving the sinkings of hell ships en route to Japan, and of working in condemned coal mines. It tells of the coming of age of a boy who joined the Army when he was only 14 years old.

This story recounts actual incidents and events that occurred in his life. Many events were tragic, some heartless and inhumane. This is the story of two cultures at odds with the...

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