Tap-Dance Fever

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Tap-Dance Fever

From sunrise to sunset, Annabelle can't keep her feet from moving. She's worn out her mother's linoleum. She's danced a hole in the schoolhouse floor. She's danced a ridge into Creek Road that causes Mr. Harville T. Stone's tire to blow. Even Mrs. Ethel Pontoon's chickens are upset. They refuse to lay eggs as long as Annabelle keeps dancing. It seems Annabelle has turned the entire town topsy-turvy with her terpsichore. Now the citizens have banded together to stop Annabelle once and for all! But the people of Fiddler's Creek are in for a big surprise when they try to cure Annabelle's Tap-Dance Fever.

From School Library Journal
Kindergarten-Grade 2–Annabelle Applegate's tapping toes have worn out the linoleum in her mama's kitchen and dug a hole in the schoolhouse floor. The townsfolk are upset by her antics and blame her for their problems, including broken eyeglasses and chickens that refuse to lay eggs. They put obstacles in her path, and Deputy Thistledown steals her tap shoes, but nothing stops Annabelle's enthusiasm for dancing. One day, she encounters dozens of rattlesnakes near Mrs. Pontoon's henhouse, and they dance along with her. She leads them to the...

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